Keep Production lines moving with our Managed Backup

Manufacturing has always been one of the hardest industries to remain competitive. With constant innovation, automation and out sourcing pressure, its important production lines run flawlessly.  Accidents do happen, down time is a reality, so its important the data to run your production line is backup up.

 The data that runs your production lines needs a consolidated managed backup strategy which includes replication offsite to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. Along with a managed backup strategy, your backups needs to monitored obsessively to ensure your data will restore and recover when required.  This is what we do everyday – we are experts and specialised.

We work with varied manufacturing businesses providing full managed backup, recovery testing, disaster recovery and business continuity services.

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Data backup is something that no business can afford to neglect. Our Managed Backup Service will safeguard your critical business data and minimise the possibility of data loss.

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