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TestMyBackup’s performs recovery testing of business backups to ensure disaster recovery and business continuity.

We offer two simple plans, either once off recovery testing or a subscription where we will test your backups once per month.

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Once Off Testing Monthly Testing*
Cost $299.00 $199 per month
Amount of data 2 TB 2 TB
File Backups Yes Yes
Image Backups (BMR) Yes Yes
Applications Yes Yes

*  12 month subscription

Cost Data
Included <2TB
$200 2TB – 5TB
$500 5TB – 10TB
Call us >10TB
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Backup Vendors and Solutions

  • We recommend backup software vendors
  • Installing backup software and creating your backups

BCP – Business Continuity Plan

  • Draft a plan and procedures
  • Enact your plan should a disaster strike
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Disaster recovery assistance

  • Assist in a disaster recovery situation
  • Rely on us to help get your data back

Training on backup best practices

  • Provide hands on training to first responders when a disaster strikes
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For more information and to discuss your requirements, contact us!

Frequently asked questions

  1. What we test?
    We test your backups to ensure they will recover in a disaster recovery situation
    which ensure your business continuity. We test you backups, whether they are
    image backup, file backups, application backups including exchange and SQL
    databases, and also any Industry based applications like accounting software, payroll
    systems and ERP.
  2. How we test?
    We test your backups based on your understanding of your current back strategy using your backup software solution. We can test your backups in our cloud server (which is secure and encrypted) or we can remote in and do the recovery in your environment.
  3. How do I get my backups to TestMyBackup’s so you can test them?
    Most customers choose one of the three options below;

    1. Give us remote access to your servers and backups
    2. ii. Upload the backup to our cloud server
    3. iii. Send us the physical backup to our office
  4. Is there a limit on how many hosts, guests or data you test?
    We charge per backup. So whether it’s a file backup, an image backup, we test the recoverability of the particular backup you choose to send us. It’s an unlimited number of servers and workstations, but we limit based on data
  5. What do you do with my backups when you are done?
    If your backups are in our cloud, we permanently delete your backups immediately. We have not need for your data, and it’s expensive to keep it anyway! If we have your hardware, we return it to your office, sometimes even personally.
  6. What detail do I receive in the report?
    Here an example of a report we provide.
  7. How quickly do I receive a report?
    Within 5 working days of placing your order and giving Test My Backups Access to your backup, you will have a report in your inbox. We will also give you a follow-up call to answer any questions you may have.