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Recovery Testing – We test if your Backups will Recover.  So, you don’t have to.

You might already have a backup vendor in place and your backups are running fine. No errors – no warning – no problems.

However, a backup is totally useless if it wont recover. Now, answer this next question honestly! When was the last time you tested the recoverability of your backups? We bet – somewhere between never, irregularly and months ago….  That OK – we can help.

Test My Backups performs recovery testing of business backups to ensure disaster recovery and business continuity. Depending on your requirements our backup recovery testing can be performed on a monthly or even daily basis, and be both automated or manual. 

How we Recovery Test Backups

Recovery Testing should be done every day, by experts that thoroughly test your environment to ensure your RPO (Recovery Points Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) are meet and exceeded. Along with daily recovery testing of backups, we are also happy to discuss your requirements for once off or even monthly testing.

After testing your backups, you will receive a detailed report on the recoverability of your backups. If your backup did not recover as expected, we will report why and the recommended steps you should take. At a top level the report provides  green, amber or red indicators. Each indicator allows you to further analyse the amber and red alerts which require action or urgent attention.

Ransomware is a real risk to Every Business!

In today’s world, everything is becoming digitized and is in the cloud. With this comes an increased risk of cyber extortion, hacking attempts and ransomware.

Ransomware is now one of the largest growing online threats, and many businesses are forced to protect themselves from extortion with cyber insurance premiums.

Did you know most insurance companies will reward businesses with lower premiums for meeting high security and protection standards?

Having your backups regularly tested to ensure they will recover will save your business lots of money on insurance premiums.

Like to know more about Recovery Testing your Backups?

We get that you already have a backup vendor in place and your backups are running fine. Your backup report probably looks good – lots of green ticks and no red crosses. You’re doing a great job – right?

But will the backups recover and do you test your backups regularly?

Backup and recovery testing is a crucial feature of any disaster recovery plan. Back up of data

Backup recovery testing is an essential part of a disaster recovery plan. Backup of crucial data is now a number one priority for a growing number of businesses. But, many companies still don’t have adequate backup recovery testing as a part of their operations. It’s not at all unusual for routine backup recover testing to unearth serious issues in software and processes, leading to damage or loss of data.

This is why it’s essential to conduct regular backup recovery testing, not just broadly but for recovery abilities for individual files. It’s important not assume that backup recovery testing working under normal conditions will work should the worst happen. Without a plan your company risks data loss, loss of operational time, and the redundancy of the whole project.

Larger companies tend to conduct backup recovery testing once year – this is best practice. Whenever changes are made to software or hardware, however, it’s important to conduct proper backup recovery testing.

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