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Ransomware is a real threat

With the number of devices connected to the Internet ever increasing; so has the threat of viruses and malicious programs and applications. Designed to disrupt by encrypting valuable data; then attempting to extort you by demanding a financial payment to possibly gain access to your data again.

Ransomware is one of the most common types of malicious software that anyone using an Internet connected device will encounter.

Often being embedded into an attachment on an e-mail; or a download link disguised to look like the regular download link of your favourite piece of software or application. Without the user even being aware; ransomware software will begin to encrypt and often being days or even weeks before it’s noticed. All for the purpose of getting you to pay money.

Ransomware Attacks

The Test My Backups team know the importance of protecting your businesses most valuable asset – your data. Not only do we know the importance; but we also have the knowledge and techniques to put in place to achieve the goal of protecting your personal or business data from becoming encrypted due to an unexpected ransomware infection.

Why You Need Protection

As indicated above; ransomware has the potential to shut down entire offices and businesses. It’s always a high risk that your data won’t be able to be decrypted; even if you pay the required ransom amount.

The implementation of ransomware protection is even more critical for businesses dealing in highly sensitive data; or data governed by strict laws. Should this data become accessed by unauthorised parties, corrupted, stolen or permanently modified then it could potentially lead to large fines; or the permanent closure of the business.

What to do if you’re Infected

At Test My Backups; we understand while it’s natural in such situations – you need not to panic if you’re subject to a ransomware attack. With the increasing number of cases where even paying the ransom has ended in permanent data loss; you’re better to take a proactive approach to counter a ransomware attack.

This is something Test My Backups can help implement for your business.

Get the Best Protection from Test My Backups!

Our main goal is to keep our clients data safe from malicious programs, applications and viruses. With our vast knowledge and precise execution; we can suggest and implement the most effective ransomware protection for your business.

Have you experienced a ransomware attack? Are concerned about the threat to your business? For a no obligation discussion on how we can help moving forward; call 1300 711 987.