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Everyone is more successful when working as a team!

Everyone has their own niche – ours is data protection.  We are experts to the IT industry in Managed Backup, Backup Recovery Testing, Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Disaster Recovery.

When you started your IT business, I am sure you had your niche too. But with technology being so specialized now, it’s hard being a generalist IT provider today.

We have a proposal for you!

Our value proposition to IT Resellers, VAR’s and MSP’s

We’d like to provide Managed Backup to your clients. You can choose from Test My Backups providing Managed Backup directly for your clients (we’ll give you some revenue share too) or  we’ll provide the service to you (at a discount) and you can charge your client directly.

Once you do, you will immediately begin to benefit from;

— Decades of Industry best practice with Business Backups–

— Saved Time and Resources —

— Reduced Workload —

— Increased Margins —

— Less hours and stress —

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