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We’ll manage your backups for you

We take the time to understand your business and its unique challenges, so we can implement a Managed Backup solution that meets your operation requirements today and as your business scales in the future. Our Managed Backup Services are vendor agnostic, which means your Managed Backup Solution will be bespoke to your specific business requirements.

Why customers choose us

  • Peace of Mind – data and systems are being backed up regularly and stored safety onsite, offsite and in the cloud

  • Confidence – a business that now has genuine resilience, disaster recovery and business continuity

  • Reliability – a backup that is stable and will recover if it is required too

  • High Level of Security – data that is secure and encrypted at all times – in transit and at rest

  • Trusted Experts – decades of experience from our leaders means your business is in safe hands

What does a Managed Backup Service Include

It’s our belief that data protection should be affordable for all businesses great and small. This is why our philosophy is you pay for what your business needs – not cookie cutter plans that don’t suit you.

Simply put our Managed Backup Service focuses on eight different aspects to ensure the maximum level of protection using the most simplistic, best practice approach that’s customised to your businesses specific needs and requirements.

Take a closer look at our Managed Backup Services below.

Procure & Configure

Based on your needs and our assessment of your requirements for managed backup services, we’ll choose a backup vendor that allows you to scale

  • We’ll procure a backup vendor and any hardware
  • Install your backup software
  • Configure on backups locally
  • Replicate your backups to cloud

Manage & Monitor

After your backups are created, we will closely monitor your backups to ensure the data can be restored and recovered

  • Monitor your backups for any errors and security
  • Manage and troubleshoot any cloud backup changes required
  • Recovery Test your Backups to ensure they will recover
  • Provide a monthly report for managed backup services


Each client is given a unique Service Level Agreement when we implement a managed backup solution. That way, you can ensure your business has the required level of protection.

  • This sets the benchmark for which we liaise with our clients
  • We can offer RTO’s (recovery time objective) ranging from 15 minutes to near-zero and RPO’s (recovery point objective) of just minutes

Data Security

When you trust your backup to us, your data will be backed up with the 3-2-1 rule. Three copies – two different formats  – one backup offsite. This will ensure protection from

  • Local disaster from fire, flood or storm damage
  • Malicious damage or modification
  • Accidental deletion or theft
  • Fully encrypted in transit & at rest
  • Ransomware threats

Local Backup

We’ll ensure your local backups are reliable and robust, and air gap them for an extra layer of protection.  If required we can provide new hardware, or we can use your existing hardware.  Local destinations we can back up to include;

  • NAS Devices
  • USB Drives
  • RDX Drives
  • Tape Drives

Cloud Backup

Local backups are great, but you also need a copy offsite. We’ll ensure your local backups are also replicated to a cloud backup vendor, and even cloud-to-cloud for an extra layer protection. Your choices with cloud backup include:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Wasabi
  • + more!

Disaster Recovery

Should Disaster strike, our expertise and quick response will help get your business recovered with minimal downtime

  • Restore files, folders, applications and data
  • Full bare metal recovery
  • Office365 and GSuite
  • Low RTO’s and RPO’s

Business Continuity

We’ll give your business the processes and your staff the skills they need to continue operation should a serious incident or disaster strike.

  • Ensure an operational state with business resilience around service outages
  • Procedures, Processes and Systems of prevention and recovery
  • Training with Crisis Management

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Data backup is something that no business can afford to neglect. Our Managed Backup Service will safeguard your critical business data and minimise the possibility of data loss.

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