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We’ll manage your backups for you

Lose your data – lose your business.  It’s that simple.

Our Managed Backup Services are different as we work with you closely to understand your business and its requirements. Then with an understanding of your business model and with our expertise, we then procure a backup vendor and develop a strategy to exceed your requirements with Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, RTO’s (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO’s (Recovery Points Objective).

So now you know how where different – lets talk a bit more in detail.

You might have noticed we don’t advertise prices online.  Why? – each Managed Backup Plan is tailored to the unique requirements of each customer. Our Backup Management Service starts with vendor selection, configuration and monitoring; and then scales all the way through to a fully implemented end to end backup solution including backup software, hardware, offsite backup hosting, disaster recovery testing and business continuity planning.

Put simply – You pay for what your business needs – not cookie cutter plans that don’t suit you.

Our Managed Backup Services provides the backup stability and predictability that you need to protect your data, your business and your reputation. We take the time to understand your business, ensure the right backup vendor is selected and the most robust backup strategy is in place to ensure your data will recover.

But backup, backup strategy and data recovery is just the start. We also specialize in Disaster Recovery Assistance and Business Continuity Planning. Take a closer look at our Managed Backup Services below.

Procure and Configure a Backup Vendor

Based on your needs and our assessment of your requirements, we’ll choose a backup vendor that allows you to scale

  • We’ll recommend a backup vendor
  • Install your backup software
  • Configure on premise and offsite backups

Manage and Monitor your Backups

After you backups are created, we will closely monitor your backups to ensure the data can be restored and recovered

  • Monitor your backups for any errors.
  • Manage and troubleshoot any backup changes required
  • Ensure backups are restorable and will recover

Disaster Recovery

Should Disaster strike, our expertise and quick response will help get your business up and running

  • Restore files, folders and data
  • Full bare metal recovery
  • Low RTO’s and RPO’s
Learn More about Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

We’ll give your business the processes and your staff the skills they need to continue operation should a serious incident or disaster strike.

  • Ensure an operational state with business resilience around service outages
  • Procedures, Processes and Systems of prevention and recovery
  • Training with Crisis Management
Learn More about Business Continuity

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