Backup and Recovery for Office365 and GSuite

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Test My Backups is the exclusive Reseller and Distributor for CloudBerry Lab in Australia and New Zealand, providing local sales and technical support for all Office365 and GSuite clients.

High Performance Cloud to Cloud Backup of Applications

CloudBerry provides fast, reliable and cost effective cloud to cloud backup and recovery solutions for Office365 and GSuite. Integrated with the most popular cloud service providers, CloudBerry Office365 and GSuite Backup is built cloud first for businesses moving backups and workloads to the cloud.   CloudBerry delivers a versatile, robust and scalable cloud to cloud backup solution to eradicate data loss and downtime.

CloudBerry offers advanced Cloud to Cloud Backup of Office365 applications including OneDrive, SharePoint, Office, Exchange Online and Outlook (mailboxes, calendars, contacts) and GSuite Google Apps including G-mail mailboxes, calendars, contacts and Google Drive.

Online Access Panel

From the online access panel, you can perform automated backups and item level recovery all of your Office365 and GSuite applications.

  • Protect your business from accidental or malicious deletion of Office365 and GSuite data

  • Have contingencies against Office365 and GSuite outages or 3rd party application failures

  • Add another layer of Ransomware Protection for your Office365 and GSuite data

  • Maintain control of important company data for compliance purposes

Office365 Backup

CloudBerry Backup for Office365 is designed for the cloud to cloud backup and restore of your Office365 accounts, including Outlook mailboxes, calendars, and contacts, as well as OneDrive backup.

  • Backup Office365 email
  • Backup OneDrive
  • Backup SharePoint
  • 256-bit AES encryption (at rest and in transit)
  • Advanced Retention Policies
  • Item Level Recovery

GSuite Backup

CloudBerry Backup for G Suite (Google Apps) is designed for the cloud-to-cloud backup of your Google accounts, including Gmail mailboxes, calendars, and contacts, as well as Google Drive backup.

  • Backup Google Gmail
  • Backup calendars, contacts and mailboxes
  • Backup Google Drive
  • Advanced Retention Policies
  • 256-bet AES Data Encryption (at rest and in transit)
  • Item level recovery

Automated Backup

Set and forget with our  online access panel. Protect and secure your company data efficiently with our cloud to cloud Office 365 and GSuite backup solution.

  • Connect your Office365 and GSuite account and cloud storage accounts in minutes
  • Automatic backups performed every day
  • Automatic New User Detection

Easy & Reliable Recovery

Check the consistency of your Office365 and GSuite backups at any time to ensure item level recovery at any point in time.

  • Item Level recovery with a few simple clicks
  • Recover lost files and folders directly to a user’s account, computer or device
  • Detailed search capability across all users accounts, file and folders

Ensure Compliance

CloudBerry Office365 and GSuite backups move directly to your own cloud storage of your choice, fully-encrypted at the source, in transit, and in your target storage.

  • Ensure your data is secure, protected and easily recoverable
  • Detailed reporting dashboard with advanced analytics
  • Advanced monitoring tools and full logs

Begin Backing up Office365 and GSuite in minutes!

CloudBerry Office365 and GSuite backup runs from an intuitive and advanced online access panel. Simply connect your Office365 or GSuite accounts, choose a cloud vendor, then your backups automatically begin.

(1) Easily Connect your Office365 or GSuite Account with a few clicks

(2) Choose and Connect your own Cloud Storage Provider

(3) Automatic Backups begin with Advanced Reporting

(4) View all application data in detail by application

(5) Granular Item Level Recovery of all application data


Each of our plans are offered with a simple monthly or yearly subscription with pricing from $4 per user per month or $40 per user per year. Looking for volume pricing?  We’ve got you covered. Contact our sales team via or 1300 711 987 to discuss our deep discounts.

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