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Test My Backups is the exclusive Reseller and Distributor for CloudBerry Lab in Australia and New Zealand, providing local sales and technical support for all clients.

High Performance Cloud Backup and Recovery

CloudBerry provides fast, reliable and cost effective cloud backup and recovery solutions which is integrated with the most popular cloud service providers. Built cloud first for businesses moving backups and workloads to the cloud,  CloudBerry delivers a versatile, robust and scalable cloud backup solution to eradicate data loss and downtime.

Mixed Environments – Offering support for mixed and complex IT environments using Windows, VMware, Linux and Macs, CloudBerry offers advanced support for both physical and virtual servers along with desktops.   With both onsite and cloud backup, your business can ensure minimal disruption and quick recovery times with no data loss and minimal downtime.

Multiple Cloud Vendors – Packed with powerful features and guided by our outstanding on-boarding team, CloudBerry supports multiple cloud storage providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Backblaze B2, Wasabi. Ensure peace of mind with 256 bit encryption and ransomware protection, along with cost savings delivered by our advanced compression technology.

Office365 and GSuite Applications – Cloudberry also offers advanced Cloud to Cloud Backup of Office365 applications including OneDrive, SharePoint, Office, Exchange Online and Outlook (mailboxes, calendars, contacts) and GSuite Google Apps including G-mail mailboxes, calendars, contacts and Google Drive.  Choosing Cloudberry Office365 and G-suite Cloud to Cloud backup also offers item level recovery, AES256-bit encryption in transit and rest, item level recovery and advanced retention policies. Read more on our Office365 an GSuite Backup.

Protect Mixed Environments

Th.e CloudBerry Online Backup Suite ensures your business won’t suffer from data loss, and guarantees disaster recovery and business continuity.

Physical or virtual servers and desktops  – full support for Windows, Linux, MacOS, VMware & Hyper-V, MS Exchange, MS SQL

Cloud Applications – hosted on Office365 or G-suite

Flexible Backup Levels

CloudBerry Online Backup supports varied backup techniques to help with backup strategy requirements.

Image Level Backup – Backup the entire OS so it can be recovered if the entire system becomes unavailable.

File Level Backup – Simple file level backup for when a file needs to be recovered quickly.

Rapid Recoveries

Recover from data loss quickly and easily with our advanced, automated and granular recovery features with only a few clicks.

Restore – individual files, folders, MS SQL Databases, and individual mailbox items within Exchange environments.

Recover – Entire systems instantly into cloud VM’s running in either Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure, or dissimilar on-premises hardware.

Flexible Local & Cloud Destinations

Backup Locally –  To network shares, NAS devices, portable hard drives and more.

Cloud Providers – Integration with popular cloud vendors including AWS, Azure, BackBlaze B2 & Wasabi.

Maximum data portability – Data can be easily moved between cloud storage to avoid vendor lock-in.

Non-proprietary Solution – meaning that your data is still accessible, even if your backup solution isn’t.

Advanced Data Threat Protection

Make cyber security easy by using inbuilt protection.

Encryption – Protect backups from prying eyes while in transit and at rest using AES-256 level encryption.

Compression – Reduce data transfer overheads & decrease cloud storage costs.

Ransomware Protection – Powerful data retention policies to counter the ransomware threat.

Console for Online Central Management

Manage all your backup and recovery requirements from a single web console

Real-time reporting – Know everything about your backup data from simple, graphical reporting.

Manage Installations – remote configuration & update capabilities.

White label Solution – Customise your backup experience using personalised company branding.

Get Cloud Backup & Recovery Running in Minutes!

Take a look at our easy to use Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution. Targeted to businesses of all sizes and focused on protecting servers and endpoints in mixed environments.

(1) Intuitive Dashboards – Provides a great snapshot of what’s happening with your backup data.

(2) Create individual accounts and grant specific permissions to individual staff.

(3) Choose your backup locations – local or in the cloud

(4) Generate intuitive, granular, real-time reports.

(5) Monitor, manage, update and resolve – all within your web browser.

Recent Reviews – Why customers Choose Us

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Pricing & Licensing

We offer flexible monthly or yearly subscriptions that grow with you. As your business scales, we’ll help build your Business Resilience so you can recover from anything.

Looking for volume pricing?  We’ve got you covered. Contact our sales team via sales@testmybackups.com.au or 1300 711 987 to discuss our deep discounts.

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