VMware to Hyper-V Migration

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VMware to Hyper-V Migration There probably hasn’t been a larger impact on IT efficiency in the last decade than virtualisation. With more and more solutions coming onto the market; it’s not uncommon to be running different versions in your environment. However; while it’s common to want to move guests from VMware to Hyper-V – it [...]

Hyper-V to VMware Guest Conversion

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Hyper-V to VMware Guest Conversion Virtualisation is taking over the world. Over the last decade there has been a major rise in virtualized environments in business. So much so that the major players in the space – Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware are likely to be found in many of the same environments. However; with most [...]

Linux Hyper-V Guests Backup

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Linux Hyper-V Guests Backup One of the main improvements that Microsoft added in Server 2012 R2; was the support and functionality of Linux Hyper-V guests. One of the main friction points for users up to this point was actually backing up Hyper-V guests running Linux. While it was possible to run Linux within Hyper-V to [...]

Windows Backup – How to register the Hyper-V VSS Writer

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Register the Hyper-V VSS Writer When backing up Hyper-V environments with Windows Backup, it’s sometimes a little less known that a registry entry is required to get VSS consistent backups of Hyper-V guests. It's important to register the Hyper-V VSS writer as otherwise the backup will say success, however the guest machines may not be [...]

How to troubleshoot Hyper-V VSS backup errors

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How to troubleshoot Hyper-V VSS backup errors One of the more common situations which we came across working for various backup vendors is the massive number of times systems have problems with Hyper-V VSS backup errors. We've previously written about VSS if you're looking for more background. Microsoft has made it easier to determine what [...]

How to convert a VM from Hyper-V to VMware using StarWind V2V Converter

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How to convert a VM from Hyper-V to VMware using StarWind V2V Converter In a lot of situations, businesses opt to run multi-environment configurations. Examples of this are Windows and Linux servers, or VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments. We’ll be focusing on the later by showing step by step how to convert a guest machine [...]

How to: Convert from VMDK to VHDX

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How to: Convert from VMDK to VHDX Recently we have had a raised number of requests asking if we’re able to recover backups made within VMware into a Hyper-V environment. Seems like a reasonable enough request (although we hadn’t done this before). This involved finding out a way to convert from vmdk to vhdx file [...]

Virtualization Backup and Recovery Tips

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Virtualization Backup and Recovery Tips Virtualization has become a big deal over the last decade; with more and more businesses adopting the technology. From small to medium sized businesses, all the way to large enterprises. However with all new technology comes added challenges – backup and recovery isn’t any different. Below outlines some quick tips [...]

VMware backup best practices

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VMware backup best practices When it comes to backing up virtual machines in VMware vSphere, you need to work with the strengths of virtualization to maximize your VMware backup efficiency. You also need to know what to back up as well as how to back it up. The following are some best practices to think [...]