Disaster Recovery Solution – Every Business Needs One

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Disaster Recovery Solution – Every Business Needs One In our experience working with small to medium businesses; we’ve found a lot of business owners either aren’t aware or don’t fully understand what a disaster recovery solution could mean for their business. Comments around pricing being too expensive or the fact that their business hasn’t had [...]

Ransomware Recovery Service

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Ransomware Recovery Service As they say in the medical profession – prevention is the best cure. This is the same about computer viruses and malware (let’s face it; malware and viruses are diseases for computers and mobile devices). One particular type of malware – ransomware; encrypts your data and then requests payment to decrypt the [...]

IT services for Manufacturing

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IT services for Manufacturing There are a lot of support structures that go into manufacturing quality goods. One of the most important support services are the IT services utilised within your manufacturing business. Below we go through why it’s important to have the right IT services for manufacturing companies. Extend your IT department While it's [...]

Ethically Managing Medical Data

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Ethically Managing Medical Data If you’re a member of the medical sector; you’ll have spent countless hours learning and memorising the importance of medical data compliance. It's considered that individuals health information is highly personal. When accessing vital health services; People need trust that medical practices are ethically managing medical data.   What’s the main [...]

5 Benefits of IT Services for Business

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5 Benefits of IT Services for Business IT is now one of the single most important aspects of business today. Everything requires some form of technology to effectively run; from accessing the Internet, running software packages to make day to day tasks easier and even just making a simple phone call requires technology. This means [...]

Warning about Cloud Backup Solutions

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Warning about Cloud Backup Solutions With everything backup related; being able to automate as much as possible is key to being able to manage large data sets effectively. However we’ve recently discovered that some cloud backup solutions can drastically impact your businesses backup data. Situation We’ve recently taken over managing a business’s satellite office; as [...]

Server Backup Service – What Test My Backups Supports

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Server Backup Service – What Test My Backups Supports Our team are quite experienced at supporting a large number of different operating systems, virtualised environments and cloud storage providers. We’ve outlined this through our blog and website. However we’ve never gone into absolute detail on what we do support through our server backup service. What [...]