Configuring Azure Blob Storage

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Configuring Azure Blob Storage This walk-through demonstrates the steps for configuring Azure Blob Storage within the Azure portal. If proceeding through this document; it’s assumed you have an Azure account already. If not you can sign up for free. Microsoft also provide an Azure price calculator to give a guide on how much it’ll cost [...]

Configuring AWS Cloud Storage

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Configuring AWS Cloud Storage The following guide walks you through configuring AWS Cloud Storage so that it can be used with CloudBerry Online Backup. Some of what’s outlined may also be in the AWS Management Console documentation. If you're looking for our full guide that provides end to end configuration steps; it can be downloaded [...]

Using AWS Storage with CloudBerry

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Using AWS Storage with CloudBerry The following guide is to show how to connect an AWS S3 bucket to the Managed Backup Console (MBS); which will then filter down into CloudBerry Online Backup and allow the AWS storage to be used as a valid backup destination. Make sure you've already created your AWS S3 bucket [...]

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

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Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Follow us and walk-through configuring Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage and then connect it to CloudBerry Online Backup so it can be used as cloud based backup storage. It’s recommended to also review the Backblaze B2 Help documentation and make sure you’ve signed up for a Backblaze account prior to performing the [...]

Connecting Backblaze B2 to CloudBerry Online Backup

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Connecting Backblaze B2 to CloudBerry Online Backup For an MSP looking to add margin, or for a small to medium business who is cost conscious - connecting Backblaze B2 to CloudBerry Online Backup is the suitable, low cost solution. The following article outlines how to marry the two for a robust, cloud backup solution. Once [...]

Seeding Data to the Cloud

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Seeding Data to the Cloud Seeding data to the cloud is the process of physically shipping a copy of your data to the data centre so it can be uploaded manually. This counters one of the biggest hurdles of backing up to cloud storage; the initial full backup. For a lot of businesses located in [...]

CloudBerry Ransomware Protection

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CloudBerry Ransomware Protection If you're in IT then chances are you've read and seen a lot about Ransomware - in fact it's one of our favorite topics on this blog. The reason for us writing yet another blog about ransomware is to outline the best way to achieve CloudBerry ransomware protection. Firstly; let's go through [...]