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We provide extensive services around Business Continuity

Backup and Disaster Recovery is great. You’ve got some green ticks!

But – have you thought about Business Continuity Planning, Training and Crisis Management?

Test My Backups provides strategic Business Continuity Planning and preparation to ensure your organization can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or disasters. Our planning and training will provide you with the skills you need to instinctively recover to an operational state with minimal or no downtime.

Business Continuity Planning

We help businesses ensure business continuity with a plan tailored to your unique technical environment and business requirements

  • Draft a full business continuity plan
  • Detailed procedures to enact and follow
  • Gives you a process to follow and enact should disaster strike

Training on Business Continuity

With over 30 years of combined IT experience, we know how to train and educate your employees to perform methodically when under pressure

  • Provide one on one hands on training
  • Detailed walk through and analysis on how to manage your backups
  • We can be your first responder if Disaster Strikes
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Still have questions around how we can help with Business Continuity?

We’re not surprised. Business continuity services, both planning and training requires specialist skills, knowledge and experience in dealing with live crisis management situations. Our consultations are obligation free, we know what you need (even if you don’t).

Most businesses must recognise that, these days, customers expect continuous services, not interrupted by digital hiccups – or, worse, disasters. Modern consumers don’t tolerate digital illiteracy, making business continuity services a must. Business continuity services ensure an uninterrupted service.

If you can’t operate your business, your revenue is bound to be affected. This loss will become worse the longer your business is closed, as you will lose brand loyalty, as your customers turn to your competitors. Don’t underestimate how hard it can be to win back brand loyalty!

If you assess the impact of a disaster, you can calculate loss and plan sensibly, minimising your financial loss. To build trust and credibility with clients, have business continuity services in place with us today!

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