IT services for Manufacturing

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IT services for Manufacturing There are a lot of support structures that go into manufacturing quality goods. One of the most important support services are the IT services utilised within your manufacturing business. Below we go through why it’s important to have the right IT services for manufacturing companies. Extend your IT department While it's [...]

Ethically Managing Medical Data

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Ethically Managing Medical Data If you’re a member of the medical sector; you’ll have spent countless hours learning and memorising the importance of medical data compliance. It's considered that individuals health information is highly personal. When accessing vital health services; People need trust that medical practices are ethically managing medical data.   What’s the main [...]

5 Benefits of IT Services for Business

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5 Benefits of IT Services for Business IT is now one of the single most important aspects of business today. Everything requires some form of technology to effectively run; from accessing the Internet, running software packages to make day to day tasks easier and even just making a simple phone call requires technology. This means [...]

10 Year Challenge – How data backup has changed in that time!

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10 Year Challenge – How data backup has changed since 2009! Since it’s the first fad of 2019; we thought we’d compare how data backup has changed over the last 10 years. Let’s begin by looking back on 2009. IT in 2009 Back in 2009, the world hadn’t fully realised the potential that the Internet [...]

Different Cloud Services – Backup, Storage and Sync

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Different Cloud Services - Backup, Storage and Sync There are many different terms being thrown around in reference to cloud computing. The different cloud services used include Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage and Cloud Sync. While they may all sound the same; they’re all very different and a misunderstanding could put vital business data at risk! [...]

Demystifying Cloud Storage Costs

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Demystifying Cloud Storage Costs One of the biggest things we come across is figuring out cloud storage costs when dealing with backing up clients data to the cloud. Regardless of it being Azure, Amazon Web Services or even BackBlaze; Cloud Storage Providers are commercial businesses. This means they’re trying to maximize their profits as much [...]

Warning about Cloud Backup Solutions

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Warning about Cloud Backup Solutions With everything backup related; being able to automate as much as possible is key to being able to manage large data sets effectively. However we’ve recently discovered that some cloud backup solutions can drastically impact your businesses backup data. Situation We’ve recently taken over managing a business’s satellite office; as [...]