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You’ve probably got an existing backup vendor, or maybe you have choosen a new one to trial. It can be overwhelming to figure out the new vendors user interface, ensuring your backup strategy is right and configuring the backups.

The good news, is we have decades of experience with backup vendors. From each vendors strengths and weaknesses, to setting up best practise backups – we can help.

Your backup strategy needs to include protection from cyber security breaches, hacking attempts and ransomware threats and also more traditional protection from floods, fire, power outages and hardware failure.

Ask yourself this?  Do you want to spend hours figuring out how to create the best backup configuration?  Will your data restore and recover? But have you implemented the best practice backup strategy? Have you tested your backups? Do you test your backups regularly?  Will you be able to do a full bare metal recovery if disaster strikes?  If you answer no to any of the above questions, then we need to talk.

Our FREE offer to you is:

  • We will ask some questions around your business and your backup strategy
  • Confirm if your choosen vendor is the right fit
  • We will configure your backups for you

There is no obligation or pressure from us to you to purchase anything.  This is simply an easy way for us to demonstrate our value and how we can help your business. There is no risk to you.

Lets get your backups configured – FOR FREE!

With decades of business backup experience, we can help you set up your backups.

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