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Finally. Managed Backup that ensures Business Continuity

Test My Backups provide Managed Backup Services for business and enterprise of any size.  With a team of experts located around the world, we specialize in Backup Management, Recovery Testing of Backups, Disaster Recovery services along with Business Continuity Planning.   Our core Managed Data Backup Services include;

  • Managed Backups – we manage all your backup requirements

  • Business Continuity – planning, training and recovering essential and critical services

  • Disaster Recovery – recovering your data from a backup when disaster strikes

  • Recovery Testing – we restore and recovery test Image, file and application backups

  • Ransomware Protection – we protect your backups from ransomware threats

Corrupted backups and failed data recovery is easily avoidable with the right mix of experience, strategy and best practice implementation. While our core business is Managd Backup Services, we also provide consultation services on Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning and Recovery Testing.  Should you need it (and we hope you don’t!), we also provide emergency assistance in a disaster recovery situation.

Unfortunately a lot of businesses only implement the right backup strategy when its too late!   An inadequate backup strategy that is poorly implemented will create unreliable backups and put your business at risk with failed data recovery.

Should a disaster recovery situation arise due to a natural disaster or ransomware corruption, our clients have a recoverable backup and a well documented and rehearsed business continuity plan to quickly enact.

Easy to work with and offering advice that is practical, you can trust TestMyBackups as a partner in your continued business success.

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Our Leaders

Our founders have in excess of 30 years IT experience and more 15 years working for a software backup vendor. Years spent working on a daily basis with SMB and SME sized businesses has given us a unique understanding of the challenges growing businesses face trying to manage and protect their data.  We’ve seen first hand all the common mistakes, the pitfalls and consequences of businesses trying to manage and implement their own backup strategy. Unfortunately, often the wrong backup strategy and configuration isn’t noticed till a backup wont recover!

This is why we founded Test My Backups – to help businesses of all sizes manage their backups, protect their data and ensure Business Continuity.

Troy Vertigan – Founder and Managing Director

Troy brings over 20 years of global experience starting and growing online, software and SaaS businesses across the globe. With a background in digital sales and marketing, Troy manages the strategic and commercial side of our business.

Stuart Edwards – Founder and Technical Director

Stuart brings 15 years of experience working in the IT field; with 10 years spent leading technical support for a backup vendor. This gives him a unique experience of knowing the best ways for businesses to protect their data properly; and implementing the right technology to achieve their business resilience goals.

Whatever your environment, we have you covered

Whether you are running a small buisness or billion dollar unicorn, Windows or VMWare environment, backing up locally or in the cloud, we can support you to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery should you be hit by a natual disaster or a cyber attack.

Test My Backups can ensure your backups will recover when you need them too.

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Managed Backup Services

We’ll manage your backups for you, so you don’t have too.  Now you’ll know they’ll recover when you need them too.

Backup Recovery Testing

Backups are useless if they wont recover when you need them too. We’ll test if your backups will Recover.

Disaster Recovery Assistance

Should a disaster strike, we can restore and recover your data and applications when in an emergency situation.

Business Continuity

We provide extensive services around business continuity planning, training and crises management.