Test My Backups CloudBerry Licensing FAQ

Below is a Licensing FAQ with common questions our team typically fields.

Who are Test My Backups? Why should I purchase CloudBerry through TMB?

Test My Backups is the exclusive reseller/distributor of MSP360/CloudBerry products in the Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) region.

By purchasing through Test My Backups; you’ll gain the advantages of:

  1. Purchase in AUD or NZD. With no currency conversion to deal with; your monthly subscription will be a fixed cost.
  2. All TMB staff are located in Australia and New Zealand. Speak with someone who knows your local market; the challenges and the answers to make sure your data and your client’s data is backed up successfully while meeting all compliance requirements.
  3. Sales & Technical Support on your time. No need to worry about knowing time differences or having to convert time zones.

Why does TMB only sell certain subscriptions for CloudBerry Online Backup?

Test My Backups provides the most simplified and cost effective licensing model when it comes to CloudBerry Online Backup and the Managed Backup Services (MBS) Console.

Have the choice of three (3) subscription levels for CloudBerry Online Backup that will cover all your environments backup requirements. This means it’s easy to determine which subscriptions you need; and flexibility to mean that it’s unlikely you’ll need to change subscription unless your backup and recovery requirements change drastically.

Which subscriptions should I purchase for my backup setup?

While each IT environment is different and individual; we have made some suggestions on which subscriptions provide the best level of protection for cost.

The main difference between the Desktop/Server and Ultimate versions is the number of network shares that can be backed up. If backing up more than one network share; then you’ll need to use the Ultimate subscription.

Features by OS type and licensing FAQ recommendation


Are there volume discounts available for bulk purchases?

Yes, we’re able to provide pricing discounts. Contact our sales team (sales@testmybackups.com.au) outlining your subscription requirements and we’ll be able to provide a quote.

Can I backup Office365 or G-suite?

Yes. Office365 and G-suite backup is available through the Managed Backup Services Console. For more information on how to set this up please refer to our support documentation.

For licensing; there is a minimum purchase requirement of 10 users.

What payment methods can I use?

Test My Backups accepts payment for subscriptions using credit card or direct debit.
For credit card payments; we utilise Stripe to store and charge on the payment plan (either monthly or yearly) that you’ve signed up for.

If wanting to use direct debit billing then please contact sales@testmybackups.com.au for the details.

When will my subscription renewal be charged?

The date of your first payment is your anniversary date. This date determines when your subscription will be renewed depending on your selected subscription billing cycle (either monthly or yearly).

E.g. If you purchase on 20th July, the subscription renewal will be charged on the 20th of each month. A yearly subscription will be charged on 20th July each year.

Have a licensing FAQ we haven’t covered?

Contact our sales team by e-mail (sales@testmybackups.com.au) or phone 1300 711 987.